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Islamic finance and Takaful insurance products are growing worldwide in a way that is encouraging their adoption by Islamic as well as non-Islamic countries to support economic growth. Egypt introduced the first Islamic bank in 1963 and in 2003 launched the first Takaful insurance company. The increased demand and success of these products triggered the desire of the Ministry of Finance to support the International Takaful Summit and its objectives. We believe that the summit will help increase the awareness of Islamic banking and Takaful insurance principles and practices which will in turn help in the expansion of the Islamic finance and the Takaful industry in Egypt.

New - 18 December 2012
International Experts to discuss Future of Global Takaful Industry in Egypt
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The International Takaful Awards 2013

The proliferation of Takaful over the past decade has been phenomenal with double digit growth being witnessed globally. This expansion has yielded an increase in the number of operators and the competition between the companies has compelled them to continually improve their products and services.

The International Takaful Awards are the only recognition of excellence and achievement for the Takaful industry and this year’s Awards will reward the most progressive companies in 12 countries where Takaful has been most vibrant. We will also be presenting awards for excellence to those service providers that support the industry and assist its growth. Please click here to view the categories.

The International Takaful Awards 2013 Winners
The International Takaful Summit 2013 New Frontiers will take place at the Intercontinental Citystars, Cairo, Egypt from 18th till 19th February 2013. The programme and venue may be subject to change and at the discretion of the organisers. Admittance to the Summit and related proceedings is by invitation only