“Paul is one of the best trainers that I have ever met. He has a very good way of delivering information.”

Yousef Al Nabahin-Human Resources Officer, General Civil Aviation Authority, UAE

Budgeting And Budget Control Of

The HR Function /

Effective Manpower Planning

14 - 18 Dec 2008 • Jumeirah Beach Hotel • Dubai 

Course Overview

By attending these highly interactive training courses you will be able to:

Learn how to build, monitor and control an HR budget and understand how it links to organisational finance
Identify the key components and cost factors in an HR budget so that you can build an effective budget
Investigate advanced professional budgeting techniques which will help you manage and forecast effectively
Understand how linking budget control of HR and effective manpower planning will lead to organisational success
Understand how to create a successful link between your business strategy and an effective manpower plan, ensuring you have the right skills available when you need them
Investigate how manpower planning can be strategically integrated into organisation and business objectives
Learn a rigorous methodology for preparing and maintaining a manpower plan which will allow you to forecast your manpower requirements accurately
Explore the effects of localisation legislation on your organisation’s manpower planning

You know that many people see the HR function as a cost to your organisation. A necessary cost, but a cost all the same. It’s down to you to convince them that it is an investment which adds value. One of the ways that you can do this is by effectively planning, monitoring and controlling your costs. Another way is by being able to provide the organisation with the manpower and skills it needs, when it needs them, to successfully meet its objectives.

According to HR Consultant Paul Walsh, “Finance is too important to be left to the finance department.” This is because the finance department doesn’t understand what it is that you do. By accepting that good financial management is just as important to the HR professional as to the management accountant, you can ensure that your organisation can achieve its mission and objectives by adopting a coordinated financial strategy.

IIR’s popular Budgeting And Budget Control Of The HR Function course will give you the skills you need to fully understand the costs involved with HR – and allow you to present a realistic case to management in language that they understand. This highly interactive course will feature case studies, business simulation and practical group exercises to show you how to prepare, monitor and control the HR budget, and most importantly, teach you how to understand the link between organisational finance and HR budgets.

The second course Effective Manpower Planning will demonstrate the importance of effective manpower planning, its links to organisational success and how to compile a plan that delivers the right people at the right time. The course will also deal with the challenges of localisation and explore how an effective manpower plan can meet the difficulties and the opportunities that localisation initiatives offer organisations in the Gulf.

Paul Walsh will be your expert course leader for both courses. Paul has a unique combination of finance and HR skills, and extensive experience with companies in the region.

Who Should Attend?

These courses have been specifically designed for all HR professionals responsible for the budgeting and/or manpower planning of their organisations, including: HR Managers and Directors, Manpower Planning Managers, HR Officers and Supervisors, HR Analysts, Career Development Managers, Heads of HR, HR Specialists, Training Managers, Personnel Managers, Administration and Office Managers.

Hear What Delegates Said About Paul’s Previous Course:

“Paul is one of the best trainers that I have ever met. He has a very good way of delivering information.”
Yousef Al Nabahin, Human Resources Officer
General Civil Aviation Authority, UAE

“Paul was exceptional! Clear and easyto understand.”
Elizabeth Smuts, Human Resources Executive
Greenshield Insurance, UAE

“Very useful course for HR managers who are not familiar with finance concepts and budgeting purposes.”
Ali Al Zain, Senior Manager IT & Purchasing
Emaar King Abdullah Economic City, KSA

“Thanks to Paul for the great value added to my knowledge.”
Ezgi Umultan, HR Business Partner
Al Futtaim Carillion LLC, UAE